Creating an online insurance shopping experience with benefits in every click.

Speaking to Everybody, One Person at a Time

Before you know what to say, you have to know who you are talking to. Ah, but there’s the rub: how do you define your target audience when your target audience is everybody? Health insurance is tricky like that. It is the only product that the US Federal Government has mandated its citizens purchase, so everybody is (or should be) shopping for it.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Or in our case, we defined our conglomerate target audience one person at a time. Rather than operating on the assumption that every page could work for every person, we guided our friends at SelectHealth to define who these pages were for, and honed the experience accordingly.

Knowing who you are designing for makes all the difference in the world. Our designs incorporated expert tools for expert users, helpful tool-tips and on-boarding for new users, and clear, friendly instructions to create the easiest experience possible.

One example of customizing pages for our audience has been through the implementation of location-aware pages. Insurance options vary based on the zip-code, so we designed for pages to be location aware in order to prevent irrelevant options from being presented to the users.

Thinking Outside the Check Box

Check box buttons predominate the web as the go-to convention for multi-select functionality. While there is often wisdom in sticking to an established convention, we found some great efficiencies in thinking outside the check box and creating a multi-select toggle switch that is customized to SelectHealth. It’s a small but powerful detail that brings value to the user by incorporating SelectHealth green, improving browsability, and creating an enjoyable interaction, We also added a new layer of clarity to the conventional radio button by adding an arrow within the button to point to what the user was selecting. These two selectors are major players in the new SelectHealth interface.

Let the Navigation Be Your Guide

The SelectHealth Private Exchange tool is chock full of tasks and functionalities that would be overwhelming and disorienting without a well structured navigation. Naturally, we don’t want brokers, employers, and other users to suffer from website vertigo; so we created a navigation solution that provides just the right balance of structure and flexibility to anchor the user without restricting them.

The implemented navigation solution is structured around a chronological backbone, which helps the user approximate their progress, and see how close they are to completion. Status icons help teach and remind the user where they have been and what is next. Mega-menu help brokers and their proxies keep track of what group they are working on.

With a large and growing tool like this, it can be tempting to add more and more to the wonderfully simplified navigation. Don’t give in to that temptation. It’s supremely important to avoid crowding the most important navigation with less-important navigation.