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Who we are, what we do, how we’re different from everyone else

Stotion is a Tech9 design agency based in Provo, Utah. We specialize in making the things your customers touch and see more intuitive, effective, and fun to use. From websites and apps to billboards, brand strategies, and ad campaigns, we design from the ground up for your users first. All kinds of awesome flows from that.

Stotion is a portmanteau word, if you want to throw that down to win a bet sometime. It is built from Strategy and Emotion, which is the double helix of everything we create.

Why strategy matters

When you choose Stotion for your project, you are choosing a team of design strategists. Not just some guys with Adobe Illustrator who can execute beautiful designs. Our deep knowledge of digital marketing and UX strategies will make your site or landing page easier to find. More engaging. Harder to leave. And our technical strategies will make sure your project uses anything that can make it effective and competitive.  And avoids things that may be trendy but aren’t smart for you.

With the proper strategies defining the parameters and success metrics of the project, the creative team knows exactly what winning looks like for you from the start. This keeps their cycles of ideation and iteration moving in the right direction throughout the project. Which leads to fewer false starts. And lots more “Nailed it!”

Why emotion matters

Coupled with these strategies is our deep understanding of the emotional power of user-centered, task-oriented design. When you design for users who actually need to get things done, you trigger positive emotional responses and end up with something that people instinctively like, trust, and know how to use. It just feels right to them, but they can’t tell you why, exactly.

We begin by learning about the main tasks users will want to do on your site or with your app, and carefully construct user journeys that are smooth, free of friction, and intuitive for your users. Because we want people to be able to get specific things done with the things we create, we do a lot of user testing throughout the design process. We use various tools to study how quickly and successfully people can complete key tasks, and tweak things like color, size, placement, font, messaging, and imagery until they can blaze through the tasks with ease.

We also get to know you and your brand. What makes you special. The essence of your brand. The way you want your customers to feel about you.

Using the psychological factors that influence and shape online behavior, we build the right level of emotion into the whole user experience. The result will engage users intuitively, inspire action, make them believe in you and your brand, and ultimately make you impossible to forget.

Strategy plus emotion. That is the hallmark of every Stotion project. Ask any of our clients.

Let us design something powerful for you

We would love to roll up our sleeves, figure out exactly what you and your users actually need to be successful, and then design something powerful for you. It could be an enterprise application, a digital billboard, a new brand strategy, a complex website, or a multi-media ad campaign.

Or you might need something no one else has done before, ever. We live for that.

Give us a call today and let’s see what Stotion can do for you.

The Stotion Culture

Stotion is something of an “un-agency” (not to be confused with a “nun agency”)

That is to say – there are some things that make us not-so-agency like. Compared to other agencies, we are small. We stay that way on purpose. We value the agility and responsiveness of our dedicated team. When we look to hire somebody new – we are extremely particular because not every talented designer will fit here. We also hold to the importance of a good work/life balance to the benefit of ourselves and the work we produce.

Some noteworthy perks: Monthly service projects. Sit-stand desks. Nap room. Flex time. Regular professional massages. Expert Trainings. Weekly team lunches.

This is a unique, collaborative environment where we all help each other progress, learn, have fun and do great work.

If you think you may be a great fit here, reach out and let us know. We are always looking to connect with the best and brightest.

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