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Developing your brand is one of the most essential things that you can do to drive your business to success and helping you do this is one of our team’s greatest passions. To truly understand the power of good branding, think of one of your own favorite brands (i.e. Coca-Cola, Jeep, Nike, or even Apple). Think about the company for a moment. What does that brand mean to you? Odds are, you are thinking about more than just the products these companies offer. You are thinking about a feeling or idea of how life should be with the brand. Each of these companies has done a fantastic job of defining their brand by injecting the public with an idea of what life can be like while using their products. Coca-Cola products have grown to symbolize happiness, friendship, togetherness, and Americana. Jeeps symbolize freedom, adventure, and youth. Nike symbolizes motivation, grit, athleticism, and quality talent. This the message that good branding provides. It sells consumers much more than a product — good branding sells consumers a way of life or lifestyle improvement.

When successfully implemented, branding can lead not only to increased sales, but fierce customer loyalty. Avid iPhone users are a prime example of this. Regardless of what new phone models may come out, if it’s not an Apple product, many iPhone users are uninterested to hear about the new phone. They have chosen their brand and are intent that it will be their brand for life.

When Should Branding Begin?

Ideally, you should contact Stotion to begin creating a business branding plan even before your company is even part of the public awareness. Although it can be difficult to have a concrete idea of what your company’s brand will be the early stages of its formation, it’s never too early to begin considering how you would like to portray your brand’s narrative.

To be guided, step-by-step with an experienced branding team saves a lot of headache and worry of making a mistake. Stotion has been through the creative and execution of many well-known brands already.

Although in an idea world, every company would perfectly understand and execute their brand from the get-go, this is typically unrealistic, and it’s very common for companies to change their narrative or re-brand several times. Apple, for example, was on the brink of extinction when Steve Jobs re-branded the company in the 1990s. His re-branding of the company as the cutting-edge creator of sleek, stylish, and user-friendly electronics was so successful that this brand legacy continues to thrive today. That is the power of successful branding, a power that excites and motivates Stotion’s team every day as we witness it take hold in and benefit our clients.

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An Ongoing Process

Strong brands, even those that have found a successful and authentic narrative, find themselves in an ongoing process of brand promotion. New advertising and content must be produced. New markets must be explored. New public forums must be addressed. The last prerogative has become especially salient in recent years. As the internet and social media have developed, it is easier than ever for consumers to advocate for or detract from a product or company on a wider scale. However, these methods of communication have also made it easier for brands to connect personally and intimately with consumers. Stotion’s social media branding experts can help your business create a plan for how to use these new methods of communication to build your brand and outshine competitors.

How We Brand

When our team creates your unique brand, we consider the unique value that you offer your clients and craft an authentic brand image that people can immediately identify and relate to. To find your authentic brand, we typically consider questions such as:

  • What is the core mission and purpose of your company?
  • What qualities and values do you want people to associate with your business?
  • How does your company make people’s lives better?
  • What benefits and features of your products or services are unique to your market?

Answering these types of questions can help you find the brand narrative that will help your business thrive in the midst of a competitive market.

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Our team believes that a great logo should help to visually define your identity as a business. This is done by distilling who you are and who you want to be down to a core idea and then crafting an image that conveys that idea to the world in a simple, striking manner that can also be easily identified.


Apart from designing a logo, Stotion can help you define your brand’s style, which will be used to ensure that your website, social media, apps, and any other media are designed in a cohesive way. Apart from being more aesthetically pleasing, having a consistent form of design and style across all of your company materials (digital or not) builds brand recognition. Have you ever seen an advertisement where you knew based on colors, fonts, or content which company or product it was for before it was identified? This is what cohesive style can do for your company.

Branding Applications

Following are ideas of how Stotion’s branding guidance can be used to strengthen your brand and build recognition.

  • Make sure that you use your unique logo frequently and consistently. This allows people to instantly recognize when a product or service is being offered by your company.
  • Pick colors for your brand that evoke the emotions you want people to associate with your brand. Then, consistently use those colors throughout all of you advertising, packaging, and other forms of digital or physical media.
  • Find a voice that works for your company and use it consistently across all communications from email and blogs to print ads and websites. This voice is the use of language to convey who you are and its choice is often influenced by the target client base.
  • Use photos and images in your advertising that are cohesive and convey your brand’s style and voice. This is especially when advertising through Instagram. An Instagram profile that features photos with similar color palettes will create a unified look that will strengthen your brand.

Create design templates that allow you to maintain a consistent look. These templates can be for such diverse things as flyers, brochures, installation manuals, web pages, social media profiles, and more.

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