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American Express

Interface design for Card Member Managers

Users lose patience with unattractive interfaces. If a site is unattractive or unintuitive, it only takes seconds for Consumers to turn into Demanders or Abandoners.

An industry leader like American Express knows that their members deserve the pleasant experience of capable and simple online tools, so they approached us to start a comprehensive audit on their existing Business Level Card Manager Tools. Beyond the completion of that audit, we also helped them improve their user experience, integrate cohesive color hierarchy, and design helpful new features.

Our research indicated that these card management tools had the need for:

  1. Presentation of instant card usage reports;
  2. Speeding up the payment process;
  3. Streamlining the reports dashboard for an immediate at-a-glance account health reading
  4. Enabling the interface — the site should anticipate common next steps so the user doesn’t need to initiate every action.

As we worked, we identified interface elements that were less-than-intuitive and curated existing features that best facilitated important activities. Each task and page was iterated and tested with the team at American Express.

We had frequent communications with leaders who could gather valuable user data, which helped us to solve real user needs at every click of the mouse.

While we ran working sessions at Stotion HQ, American Express ran concomitant discovery tests to develop new ideas so that we could flesh them out together.

During the design process, we also identified some advantageous new features that are slated to be released in future versions of the interface. We can’t wait for you to use them.

Using Motion in Hierarchy

Simple animations can help draw the user’s eye to the most important areas of the design. With this portion of the American Express update, motion on the bar chart conveyed how high the Card Manager’s charges had gone, and also how much had recently been paid.





We Are Architects

Our websites are like beautiful building plans: conceived and designed with care, passion, and research.  We are the architects, and web developers are the builders.  So how to we make sure that the builders know how build our designs?


We meticulously specify every characteristic of our web pages to reduce the margin of error, and ensure that what we conceived in our designs become a reality on our clients’ webpage.