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Anthem | Branding

Branding Project

We created a memorable identity, which is something to really rally around.

Liberty of Exploration

We took the liberty of exploring the depth of Anthem’s meaning in all its interpretations. An anthem represents a central place of allegiance. For their customers, it’s their home. For Anthem, it’s protecting it. We feel the final result passes with flying colors and exhibits the tone they need.

It Must Be A Sign

When considering Anthem’s most valuable assets, the yard sign quickly became a focal point. A well-designed sign not only acts as a deterrent to crime, but distinguishes Anthem from their competition. This is why we strived to create a customized sign shape as another way to show off their new, snazzy logo.

“This logo is fire, and it totally shows how legitimate our growing business is.”

Chase – Anthem




Elevated By Identity

At Stotion, we know that applying a high-caliber brand to an item does more than label it — it elevates it. Anthem gets that. Their logo is sexy and they know it, so from day one they have been tagging everything from hats to handbags. With Stotion, what they are creating isn’t just swag. It’s swagger.







Anthem asked us to create a logo for “Squad”, their sub-brand for their elite sales teams. Nailing this logo was like curling 80 lb dumbbells – totally beast, but no big deal if you’ve got the guns for it. As you see, the final word-mark is dope. It pumps out heavy weight while maintaining good form. It has unique letterforms and keeps it’s legibility. That isn’t an easy thing to do, but then again being on Anthem Squad is no walk in the park either — unless that walk in the park is a slow-motion saunter away from an explosion.