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Bukoos is a company rich with juxtoposition. By selling high end recovered goods at auctioned or massively discounted prices, theirs is the rare privelage of touting merchandise that is simultaneously high end and cheap. The Bukoos shopping experience appeals to both bargain hunters and those with expensive taste. Defining this identity was a challenge, and designing for it was a problem solving opportunity.



Bukoos Brain Power

With each and every one of literally hundreds of sketches and concepts, we  clarified what Bukoos is, and what it is not. We explored different moods and messages, constantly distilling down closer and closer to the essence of who Bukoos is, and what they represent.

What’s in a name


Worth a thousand words?

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But which thousand words? As we explored icon logos for Bukoos, we were being nudged by the client to somehow incorporate boxes. And nothing is more exciting than a box! Truthfully, we were estatic about some of the box related icons we developed, but in the end that boot didn’t quite fit the Bukoo’s foot. Fortunately, we know that every good problem as more than one solution!

For the initial phases of this logo, we were given quite a bit of creative liberty. Not only were we helping Bukoos establish their visual identity, but we were even given chance to work on standardizing their name spelling. The name of the company started out as Bükoo’s with an umlaut above the u and an apostrophe “s”.

Through each round of sketch revisions, we came to appreciate a simplified version of the name Bukoos, stripped of what we ultimately decided were distractions. Now, instead of using pronunciation marks to guide people on how to say Bukoos “properly”, we embrace the simple spelling and let people say it however they want.

There were many factors in this decision making process, but none as influential as our exploration of logotypes. As we worked with the letterforms we discovered the opportunity for the lowercase glyphs to unify in a calligraphic style that hit that sweet spot we were searching for between fun and formal.

Logotype 1

Testing the waters of alternate spelling.

Logotype 2

Playful yet elegant typography.

Logotype 3

A hidden “o” with strong legibility.



There are common practices when it comes to designing for e-commerce – but there isn’t very much “common” about Bukoos. Starting from scratch was key, and we challenged ourselves to question everything.


Because they sell reclaimed goods, not everything Bukoos sells is in mint condition. So how does the consumer know the condition of the product they are purchasing? Gold, Silver, and Bronze grades. To quickly and effectively communicate the grade of a product, we created small and medium sized seals. After a couple of interactions with these grading seals, users can quickly filter or navigate according to the level of quality they are looking for.

Why Gold Silver and Bronze?

Because it was important to us that the shopper doesn’t feel like the product condition of the products are Great, Good or Bad. Rather, all the products that Bukoos sells are high quality – in varying degrees

Small Seal Icons

Medium Seal Icons