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Focused Support | Interface Design


A Consistently Clear Interface

Much of the software displays small icons and graphics over satellite images. With a world full of geographic variety, we designed an interface that is always legible for pilots. We created a resilient color palette and data structure system for users to easily read each piece of data, whether flying over a monotonous desert or a complex mountain range.


Aircraft Profiles and Icons

At any given time, an airspace map can be peppered with dozens of aircraft types. In most situational awareness software, all of the aircraft icons look the same so the only way to know what type of aircraft you are looking at is by clicking the icon for details. But what if a pilot could identify an aircraft type simply by the icon? Most of these interfaces don’t even try because aircraft types look very similar, especially when they are reduced to be 20 pixel icons. But we did it. How? We visually differentiated between aircraft types by treating them like charicatures. We exaggerated their unique features, to give each one a quick, legible personality.

Interfaces that Fuel Intuition

We designed dozens of icons and animations that provide an instant educational experience for users. These symbols help important interactions to be more intuitive for new and experienced users.

First-Class Design for Experts

“Capable” doesn’t have to mean “complicated.” We created simple, powerful tools that are easy to use and that meet the diverse needs of the experts that use them.

Scheduled, weekly working sessions with pilots and stakeholders created momentum for the project. The regular flow of feedback ensured the UX design was meeting the goals of the users.

Start from Sketch, Iterate Often

Each and every piece in this software puzzle is custom-crafted to be a perfect fit for the needs of the user. We sought expert pilots to regularly challenge our assumptions, resulting in constant improvement to the interface.