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School of Hard Knocks | Campaign

The School of Hard Knocks is DishOne’s atypical program for sales team recruiting and training. Their recruiting events are entertaining, energetic parties and after 5 events so far, their enrollment rates are already knocking the industry’s socks off.

Selling Sales

Selling anything can be tough — but you know what is extra hard to sell? Selling. That’s right, one of the hardest sales to sell is sales.

That simple differentiation was the groundwork for Dish being able to pull, rather than push people to their events. What used to be a pushy sales meeting invite could be presented as an opportunity to get paid to learn life-skills.

With that problem in mind, Nate from DishOne came to us with a great idea on how to differentiate their upcoming recruiting season from their previous years and from their competition…What if training with and working for Dish was more than just sales training? What if it was life training?

The concept was a solid start, and through our initial meetings we came to call the program The School of Hard Knocks. In a well-placed act of confidence, Nate gave us near-absolute stewardship over branding the program and promoting their entire first event.

Speak Confidently & Carry 
An Awesome Schtick

As we developed the School of Hard Knocks brand, we were excited about the concept of juxtaposing Ivy League elitism with edgy urban art. The university style crest quickly communicates the educational aspects of the brand, while the fresh, street-style imagery packs a youthful, energetic punch.

(Yes, we really did turn a school bus into a party bus.)

Technical Knock Out

With a high-voltage brand and a slew of event and marketing assets, we were excited to see how the event would turn out.

It rocked. And the School of Hard Knocks kept on rocking through the entire recruiting season. Recruiting numbers had never been higher.

That’s what we call a TKO.

“Stotion is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty and brave. They are true brand partners. In short, I would let Stotion date my daughter.”

Nate McConkie
DISH Network