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Helping SelectHealth members and visitors find what they are fishing for in a sea of helpful information.



Full of Use

When SelectHealth saw what we were accomplishing with their private exchange tool, they recruited us to help them redesign their main website – SelectHealth.org. The site is a behemoth of valuable info with pages upon pages upon sub-pages. While our approach to great design is always two-fold—make it beautiful and useful—this job certainly called for a tall order of usefulness.

Super Search

A website’s search tool is often used as a last resort for the user when they can’t seem to find what they are looking for. When it came to SelectHealth.org, the search tool started to look a lot more like a user’s first resort as a way to pinpoint exactly what they want to pull from the depths of the website. Simply typing anywhere on the home page activates the robust search tool, with suggested search terms, plan details, and favorites auto-populating the page.



Guided Selling a Custom Fit

Online shoppers have come to expect recommendations and reviews, but making recommendations gets tricky when you are selling something as custom as an insurance plan. It quickly became clear that if we wanted to be able to make a helpful, accurate recommendation to the user, we were going to have to ask them questions. We know that answering insurance questions can be a bit of a drag, so we try to make the questions fun, friendly, and succinct. We made the questionnaire feel less daunting by offering the user large text, large buttons, and the option to skip ahead. We also focused on implementing type-ahead fields that draw from large databases so that answering questions, finding doctors, and looking up medications was a piece of cake.

Win Win

Answering the guiding questions has a pleasant payoff for the user—they are presented with a recommended plan that is custom tailored to their needs. The Recommended Plan is accompanied by plan details and a handy dandy “What If Calculator” to experiment with what specific situations could cost them. Shoppers can then compare benefits from all of the other plan options and choose what they want with the helpful context of what other people in their situation might prefer. All of this for one simple goal: make shopping for insurance easy. Easier shopping is a win-win for Selecthealth and their members.