1. The vertical weights of all of the letters need to be slightly thinned to optically match the thickness of the horizontals.

    There’s too much space between the A and the C. Although space is important to humanity’s future, it’s important that kerning be managed more professionally.

    Structural oddities in this letter communicate ameteurism more than tasteful originality. Judicious application of creative styling would benefit this letter and the logo as a whole.

    The chamfer cuts on the extreme points of the X are distinct, but feel a little gimmicky when compared to the maturity and sophistication SpaceX deserves.

    This long curve tapers too gradually, which feels frail and creates a tangent. A deliberate endpoint is stronger and more structurally sound.

    These inside edges come too close to the large X curve and create a visual pinch. Carefully adjusting these points will help the eye follow the curve more cleanly.

    As a whole, the SpaceX logo has too many juvenile quirks and abnormalities for the quality it deserves. For this logo, the X should be the hero and the other letters should be subordinate.

    Many of the chamfering angles are inconsistent. Smoothing them out would help the lettering feel cohesive.

    Horizontal weights in letterforms should be made optically consistent so the weights can be balanced instead of fluctuating heights. Notice the crossbar of the S, the C, and the E all have irregular heights.

  2. The ends of the letters now match each other and the curves have a pleasing velocity.

    The top of the A is broadened and aligned with the tops of the rest of the letters.

    Each letter now has correctly proportioned vertical and horizontal weights.

    The left curve of the E pairs well with the curve of the C, while the straight edge on the right of the letter prepares the eye for the sharp edges of the X.

    The final point of the X is now stronger and cleaner.

    These inner angles now follow and accentuate the dynamic trajectory in the arc of the X.

    The spacing between each of the letters has now been customized to have an exact, readable cadence and pace.

    Chamfers and joints were cleaned up to help convey the maturity of space exploration and presents a sense of speed and innate strength.

    Every letter now displays a balance of straight and curved forms.